Chapter 367

Veldora saw and began to chuckle mischievously.

I see. Super Beasts, did you say? I understand what they are now.

Yes. Your Purification Barrier is able to dismantle and purify contaminated material, isn’t it, Master? The fact that it began to break down upon touching the barrier means that it is made of contaminated substances.

It is most surprising. A creature that has evolved from something other than magical essence.

Veldora, Ramiris and Beretta were all nodding with realization, while the others were left behind.

Hey-hey. What are you talking about…?

Can you explain it so we understand?

As Zaza and Karman looked on in confusion, Veldora and the others explained them their deduction.
And they had gotten very close to the exact truth.
And then, as if to deliberately feed Veldora even more information, two to three other Super Beasts began to attempt to enter the barrier.
However, much like the tiger-like monster, they ended in failure.
However, there was one snake-like beast that was especially large. It seemed to have become provoked by the failure of the others, and it so it came forward.

Oh? I sense a strong will in this one. Is it a leader?

It was a great serpent with a purple body and red head.
There were wings on its back. It was imposing in a way that separated it from the other Super Beasts.
As Veldora said, this was likely the one that united the others.
The leader monster hesitated for a moment when touching the barrier, but then it began to force its way inside.
Cracks appeared on its skin, but its regeneration ability was working faster than expected.

Oh? This will be entertaining. I know. I’ll take care of this one myself.

Veldora looked on with amusement before making this declaration.
The children all heard this and erupted into cheers.

So cool!

Mister Veldora is awesome!!

Don’t lose!!

Veldora’s ears twitched at this and he smiled broadly.

Hey, hey. Are you sure? I know you are probably stronger than I initially thought, Mister Veldora. I am not doubting your skill with Machinery Arts. However, that thing can heal at an incredible rate. You do realize you will have to do immense damage in order to defeat it?

Karman is right. We get that you are great. Now, please step back and leave it to Mister Beretta. Surely he is much more suited to the task?

Karman and Zaza were worried about Veldora.
However, Veldora laughed as if it were not a problem in the least.

You two have got it all wrong. I have told you many times, I am stronger than Beretta. It seems that this thing is the only one that can enter the barrier, so you do not need to worry about everyone’s safety. Well, just consider that it is impossible for those who believe in me to be hurt while I am watching!

He said with a boisterous laugh.
The great serpent in front of Veldora was certainly strong.
If you just looked at the physical strength, it was up there with the Pseudo Demon Lord Class.
However, that was it.
Even the fact that it was getting through Veldora’s barrier was nothing noteworthy.
After all, while it was called a ‘barrier’ all it was was a space where pollution was removed.
It was not something like the ‘Multi-Dimensional Barrier’ that Veldora had used when seriously trying to protect them.
The truth was, there were reasons that up until now, Veldora had concentrated on defense while leaving the fighting to Beretta.
One was so he could decipher the laws of this world.
The other was so that by concentrating only on defense, he would be able to deal with anything that might happen.
It looked like he wasn’t thinking about anything, but he actually had considered what was important.
As long as there was no magic essence in this world, the accuracy of ‘Universal Perception’ would drop.
And that was why Veldora used the power of the ‘storm’ to use the atmosphere itself as a monitoring eye.
And now, after a few days, through the use of ‘All of Creation’ and ‘Seeker of Truth,’ he was able to grasp the laws of this world entirely.
In other words—He completely grasped the nature of this planet.
And because of this, Veldora was currently able to use his full power.
He was able to use the majority of the power he had in the other world without relying on magic essence.
So it was now easy for him to protect everyone without having to focus entirely on it.


The large serpent charged forward in an attack.
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Veldora saw this and smirked.

Yes, yes. I have no intention of toying with those who are afraid. But if you wish to challenge me, I will oblige!

And with that, he lightly brought up his right fist and thrust it out.

Dragon Punch!!

Perhaps he wanted to use it since he had just learned it. Vibration Fist Wave.

That really is a terrible name. He should take notes from my forty-seven special moves.

Oh, you mean like Drop Kick or Fairy Chop? Yours seem just as bad…

What did you say, Beretta?

…Uh, nothing.

Ramiris and Beretta whispered to each other.
However, Veldora was in such a good mood about being able to finally take action, that he didn’t care what they said.
He ignored them and attacked the great serpent.
Veldora had slipped right in front of the great serpent and his right fist had shot towards the purple scales that were strong enough to go against a tank.
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