Chapter 368

The moment it happened, shock waves spread through the great serpent’s body.


It let out a painful scream.
Scales flew from all over its body and the skin on its red head became visible.
During the previous fight, Veldora had completely mastered the art of converting his energy into vibration waves.

Kahahahaha! What do you think? Is it not very impressive?

He looked down at the great serpent that had been thrown to the ground. Veldora laughed confidently.
Everyone watched in awe.

Wh-what the…!?

Hey, hey. Is this real? You can’t be serious…?

No-no…it’s impossible…

Can it be? His power must be the same as General Michelle…

It’s unbelievable. How did he do that with his bare hands…

Aye. It is well known that you must use heavy weapons to completely burn Super Beasts. And yet he used his fist…

This is beyond ridiculous.

That was all.
They all watched this scene that seemed too far from reality that they could not believe it was actually happening.
Most of them started to wonder if they were in fact dreaming.
However, children were less cynical.


I knew Mister Veldora was the best!

So cool. He really is so cool!!

They were incredibly excited.
And so was Veldora.
(Kahahaha! Finally, finally, I have entered the spotlight!!)
He was thrilled.

Oh, dear. Master’s getting carried away now.

I don’t see why it’s a problem. It’s better than when he gets sulky. We should think positively.

That’s true. Still, master seems to have come to understand the laws of this world.

Yes. I’d expect nothing less of Lord Veldora. The spirit power is now becoming more active.

Ramiris chuckled but was somewhat proud at the same time.
He was a dragon after all. And he wasn’t called the strongest for nothing.
As Beretta said, the spirits had not been very active here in this world before, but that had changed thanks to Veldora.
This was because Veldora commanded the storms and he had activated that power.
All sunlight had been blocked from the surface for so long, and now, while it was only a small area, it was shining down on them.
The effect was most dramatic. The spirits that had been asleep had begun to awaken.
This obviously meant that Ramiris was also able to use a wider variety of magic. And Beretta’s power would increase.
The twenty or so Super Beasts were not even close to being a threat.

I commend your bravery in challenging me! And now you can help me practice some new moves!

Veldora said as he fell on the great serpent that was on the ground.
The great serpent was roaring.
It was an order.
Even the other Super Beasts that were afraid of Veldora’s barrier were unable to ignore it.
And so the twenty Super Beasts all started to move at once.
However, Veldora remained calm.
There was no need to panic.
By completely understanding the atmosphere, his ‘Universal Perception’ view was now whole.
And so he was able to defeat multiple Super Beasts with one hit.

Kahahahaha! It doesn’t matter how many of you there are. You should stop this meaningless resistance!

He laughed loudly as he defeated every single one.
It all happened in just one minute.
It was overwhelming.

…Hey, are we all dreaming?

Hahaha. I have been very tired recently. I was also wondering if I was dreaming.

We must be. After all, this is not possible!!

It was possible to kill the monsters with enough firepower.
However, Veldora was keeping them alive while stopping their movement.
Super Beasts.
Their ability to regenerate made them close to invincible. They were humanity’s strongest enemy.
Fists, kicks and headbutts…
He wasn’t killing the Super Beasts, but making them unable to move.
It was outrageous—that’s what all the adults present were thinking.

Now, you are the last one left. Will you still not give up?

Veldora was looking at the great serpent with the red head.
Perhaps the snake could understand Veldora, because it hissed with rage.

The fact that your spirit hasn’t been broken is quite impressive given how weak you are. However, there is nothing you can do now. So, why is it that you hate humans so much?

The adults were most confused when Veldora began to talk to the great serpent.
Especially Zaza and Karman. As soldiers, they wanted him to hurry up and deal the final blow.
But Veldora took no notice of their questioning stares. He stood as if waiting for the great serpent to reply.


A roar.
It was still very hostile, and it’s jaw opened wide in an attempt to eat Veldora.


Veldora’s heel rose high into the air and slammed into its forehead.
The forehead tore open and purple blood flowed.
The snake flailed around as if it had gone mad.
–And then.
Something started to emerge from the tear in the forehead.
It was in the shape of a human.
A young woman with long, red hair.

I see. So the the base really was human.

It looks like it. I suspected it because it would require a high level of intelligence to control the other Super Beasts.

The fact that it was not afraid of Lord Veldora shows that it’s instincts were weak. No, perhaps the hatred and anger were just too strong… In any case, fighting battles you have no hope of winning is more than enough proof that something is human.

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