Chapter 390

once. And it just happened to pierce the tower.

Kristoph explained mournfully.

It can’t be…!?

Could it be a coincidence…

No! Don’t you know that His Majesty is currently there in order to analyze Michelle’s body structure!?

Kristoph nodded at the shouting scientist.

Yes. Thankfully, Alvin is also there, in case Michelle gets violent. But I am still worried about His Majesty. I’m going to return. You all continue down south and see if any of the resistance have survived.

Yes! Understood!

General, I doubt there are any survivors.

Kristoph agreed.
With the violent power that defeated the Ether Ring Barrier in front of them, what could the resistance have done to save themselves?
Still, it was dangerous to presume.
And so Kristoph decided to hammer in the final nail.

Hmm. But don’t let your guard down. Once you are sure of their annihilation, you will continue on to the second part of the plan, as scheduled. Do you understand?




Kristoph nodded with satisfaction. Then he exited the ship and flew into the air.
He was headed for South City.
It was 100 km away, but Kristoph could reach it in the blink of an eye.

Now, the time has come for me to finally accomplish my greatest wish.

Yes, Lord Fudora.

The joy welled up within him.
Fudora suppressed it as his hand rose towards Michelle’s chest.
He would take the fruit of wisdom.
Fudora had stolen the seat of the Emperor Almsbine and become the most powerful in the land.
And now, in order to learn the secret of the Mobius System that he had dreamed of for so long, he had captured Michelle.
The Mobius System–it was an astonishing system created by the genius scientist, Almsbine.
By some practice that wasn’t nuclear, he had created an unending cycle of eternal energy.
Humanity’s dream. The answer to all problems regarding energy.

Al, your father, was much too kind. He feared sacrifice and hindered the advancement of science. And yet with that brain, he would have succeeded when he was still young. But he feared the results and abandoned the completion of the Mobius System. It was unfortunate. As his junior, I was very disappointed.

Fudora talked as if to himself.
Michelle had not noticed the change that had come over her adjutant, and she had come in for maintenance after the battle.
When she did this, her brain’s features were switched to protection mode, and she was put into a sleep that she was unable to wake from by herself.
After that, he just needed to search for the Mobius system hidden within her body—it was exactly as Fudora had planned.
Almsbine had performed modification surgery on four people himself. The four cyborgs with the highest combat ability—Machinery Four.
Three of them had the Star System, which was the final form of nuclear fusion.
As the name implied, they had small stars fixed into their bodies.
They were now incredible beings that were able to supply an entire city with energy, just by themselves.
However, the Mobius System was on a different level.
It allowed a single person to provide energy for a whole planet.
Fudora had supported Almsbine with all his body and soul in hopes of this dream being fulfilled.
However, right before its completion, Almsbine had abandoned his research forever.
Fudora could not accept it.
Had this system been completed, it would have meant the realization of a world where all of humanity could live happily. Knowing this, he was unable to give up.
‘Sir, why are you doing this!?’
‘It’s too dangerous. This is too much power for human hands. One mistake, and it could destroy the entire universe…’
While he was unsatisfied with this, Almsbine would not change his mind. Fudora had no choice but to pretend to agree with him.
However, that did not last.
He had developed Biocomputers for Bionoids which boasted computing abilities that surpassed quantum computers.
With this ability and Fudora’s mind, they could surpass the genius. He should be able to analyze the Mobius System and lead it to completion.

Sir…that dream we once talked about. I will finish it myself.

Fudora muttered. And then he got to work…
He had decided to use the Six Tyrant as a way of turning the eyes of those old scientists away from him.
There was no point in having a weapon that you could not use.
And so it was also to gather data.
Besides, once the Mobius System was complete, the Star System would become a thing of the past.
That was what Fudora thought, and so he gladly gave his permission.
Now he would be able to concentrate on his work without anyone disturbing him.
His hand sunk into Michelle’s chest and connected to her nervous system. He was interfering with the arithmetic element connect to her brain, and then he touched the secret door.
What lay beyond it, was the light of hope.
That was what Fudora believed as he opened it…
Perhaps if the timing had been slightly different, things would not have turned out the way that they did.
Had he been better prepared, he might have been able to do something.
However, the worst thing happened at the worst time.
It happened just as the door opened. As if the devil were smiling at him.


It happened in an instant.
Fudora detected energy of incredible density. The kind that instinctively filled him with horror.
At the same time, Alvin, who stood by in case of an emergency, began to move.
He created an Ether Ring Barrier as if to protect the capsule that Fudora and Michelle were inside.
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