Chapter 391

Immediately after, the tower that was seen as the safest place in all of South City, evaporated.
Fudora had barely escaped death.
Still, his face turned pale.

NO! The Mobius System is running…

Even when it was off, the excess energy exceeded that of the Star System.
And now, the Mobius System had activated outside of the city, where there were no facilities.
Fudora frantically tried to stop it. However, it was impossible.
The energy being created was too strong, and his hands were full just trying to stop if from going out of control.

No, could it really be so…!?

He abandoned all sense of calm and used every cell in his Bionoid body in order to try and control it. And yet still, he found it difficult to stop the flow of energy…

Help me, Alvin!


Alvin’s Ether Ring Barrier helped neutralize the overflowing energy.
However, it was only delaying the inevitable.
(—I see. So this is… This is the Mobius System!? So he…Al really was a genius!!)
Surprise. And an emotion like joy.
Fudora’s instincts as a scientist caused him to feel things that seemed inappropriate given his situation.
But also, there was fear.
–It could destroy the universe if they made a mistake—
The words of the genius.
And those words were true.
(Yes, this really is too much power for human hands. This is what he…)
In spite of himself, he found a renewed sense of respect towards Almsbine.
However, that genius was no longer here.
Fudora realised his own arrogance now.
He felt regret too.
Because he had opened the door to destruction…
Kristoph arrived at the scene. He was shocked.
The top of the structure—that had been supported by the space elevator, had been blown off.
Without support, the elevator was dragged down by gravity, wreaking havoc on the city below.
As the city’s defense systems had protected the main part, it seemed that no residents had died from it. But the facilities at the top were destroyed.
The scene reminded him of the end of the war.

Your Majesty…

Kristoph searched for signs of him. And then he detected Fudora’s signal a short distance above him. It seemed like he was all right. Kristoph was relieved.
However, that did not last long.
Kristoph tried to head towards Fudora, but he then stopped in his tracks.
His sensors were telling him that some unfamiliar and gigantic energy was approaching him.
It was coming directly towards him as if it had a will of its own.
Kristoph’s senses were telling him it was an enemy.

KAAAAA—HAHAHAHA! I have arrived!!

And so have I!!

Kristoph encountered them.
Something unreasonable beyond imagination.

You rats. How did you crawl into here?

He asked. His voice was filled with rage.
However, Veldora seemed not to notice.

Oh, you seem to have a decent amount of power too. Nothing like me, of course. I don’t mind letting you go if you won’t bother me. So you should leave while you can.

He said grandly.
Kristoph could not hide his discomfort.
Even though he was a Bionoid, the old Kristoph’s memories and emotions were still there.

I see. So you are just a fool who doesn’t know his place. But it’s no surprise that a mere member of the resistance doesn’t recognize my face. I will give a name you can take with you to hell. I am Kristoph. Surely even a rat like you has heard that name before?

No one had ever heard that name without feeling a sense of dread. Or so Kristoph thought, as he said it.
What was important now was that Fudora was safe. It would be a waste of time to get into a fight here.
He could deal with the rats at a later time.
Kristoph didn’t mind allowing these pests to escape. Of course, all of this was very funny to Veldora.

Oh, Ramiris. Did you hear that? Uh, Kristoph, was it? Have you heard that name before?

Hmmm. It sounds familiar? Actually, how would I even know who is famous in this world.

That’s right. Well, it really doesn’t mean anything. Kristoph, or whatever your name is. I am Veldora! The great dragon and dear friend of the Great Demon King Rimuru. Would you like to find out just how foolish you have been? I don’t mind showing a weakling like you just how great I am, you know? Kaaa-hahahahaha!!

Veldora saw that Kristoph had no intention of retreating, and so he decided to amuse himself by toying with him a little.
And Kristoph as well, was prepared to teach the fool in front of him a good lesson.

I have no choice then. You will die!

Boom! The air seemed to explode.
Kristoph had compressed the air and shot it out, faster than the speed of sound.
Airblast–One of the secret Machinery Arts moves.
The fired air-bullet went straight for Veldora’s face.
Normally, this would have resulted in his head being blown off.
It should have.
However, Veldora was not normal.
It did no damage.
This level of attack was not even enough to make him itch.

Hey, hey. Don’t you realize how pointless such attacks are? Now give it your all. Maybe it will be a half-decent fight.

Veldora said as he folded his arms. It was like he was instructing a student.
As for Ramiris…

Why don’t you just give up? You’re really beneath our notice.

Ramiris always acted like this against people she knew she could beat.
She had no interest in Kristoph’s pride a warrior.
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